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How To Read Efficiency Ratings For Commercial HVAC Systems

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How To Read Efficiency Ratings For Commercial HVAC Systems

If you’re not a specialist in AC maintenance, reading the efficiency ratings on your commercial HVAC systems may be a little bit challenging. While no one expects you to learn the entirety of the ins and outs of your air conditioning system, it might be nice to have a better basic understanding of your system. The Best Mini Split is here to help you with all your HVAC and AC needs, giving you the products that will keep your building cool and the knowledge to make the best decisions in their maintenance. Get shipping to anywhere in the USA!

Get Help Reading Your Commercial HVAC Systems

When you’re searching for an effective multi zone HVAC system for your business, sometimes the technical jargon isn’t explained super well in the system guide. Here’s some of the vocabulary you might encounter, what it means, and how to read it.


There are two kinds of efficiency ratings possible for AC systems: SEER and EER, which stand for “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ration” and “Energy Efficiency Ratio” respectively. These ratios show how much cooling a unit can put out in comparison to the amount of electricity used. (Amount of cooling put out: electricity consumed)

The difference lies in how the system makes these measurements.

EER is more standardized, performing a single test under set conditions. SEER, meanwhile, measures the cooling vs electricity used ratio over a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels, so that it can give more accurate readings according to the season. This makes SEER more efficient.

What Are Considered Good SEER Levels

The objective of efficiency ratings is to find a multi zone HVAC system that reduces the pollution it puts out, without sacrificing effective performance levels. That’s why air conditioners with at least 15 SEER receive the Energy Star label from the Department of Energy, marking them eco-friendly!

To Keep In Mind

 SEER levels can go into the 20s, but the higher the SEER, the more expensive the system.

It’s also important to know that whatever your SEER level is, this is the maximum efficiency rating. Your AC will not always be running at its most efficient, so while it is a worthwhile investment, your energy savings will not be apparent immediately. You may also suffer to reach these maximum efficiency levels if your system is poorly installed. This is when you’ll need help from the professionals at The Best Mini Split!

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