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Don’t Believe These Myths About Home Heating And Cooling

home heating and cooling in USA

Don’t Believe These Myths About Home Heating And Cooling

Be careful with some of those “life hacks” you read on the internet regarding heating and cooling your home— some of them are pure legend, and some might even cost you more. Learn which myths are bogus with The Best Mini Split. We are a certified and trusted home heating and cooling company that supplies quality products and service throughout the USA, based in South Florida.

Home Heating And Cooling Myths: Debunked

Myth: You Can Reduce Your Heating Bill By Closing Off Registers and Vents

Modern AC systems balance the pressure load and distribute heat evenly throughout the home, so closing off some of your registers and vents will only succeed in building up pressure and throwing off the balance of where the heat goes, cooling the house as a whole (as it tries to even itself out).

Myth: You Can Cool A Room With Ceiling Fans Even If You’re Not There

Fans do not actually lower the temperature of the room; they only make you feel cooler because of the amount of air flowing past your skin, allowing your skin to lose heat more quickly. So keeping the fan on at all times is nonsense.

Myth: Duct Tape Is A Great Choice For Sealing Ducts

We know, it’s in the name, but trust us when we say, don’t do it. Duct tape provides very little insulation for your ducts, fades and weakens more quickly, and doesn’t sit well with dirt and dust. Put your faith in specialized tapes meant for sealing ducts.

Myth: Heat Your House Faster By Setting The Thermostat Higher

Your furnace does not operate under “pressure from the boss” to deliver a desired temperature more quickly if you demand more. It will simply deliver heat at the same rate and use more energy to prepare for that higher temperature, even if you turn it down later. This is also true with AC.

Myth: You Should Leave Your Devices & Lights On When Away Because They Use More Energy To Switch On Than To Keep Running.

This is where you listen to dad telling you to turn the lights off when you’re not in a room. In the past, many appliances and computers needed a surge of energy to turn themselves on, which actually used more energy than just keeping them on. This is no longer true, however, so to save on your energy bill, just turn off the lights.

Find An Effective Single Zone AC For Your Home

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Now that you know how to better manage your energy usage, get the most effective single zone AC you can find for your home heating and cooling system at The Best Mini Split. We are based in South Florida but are happy to ship throughout the USA! Call now for a quote!


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