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Five Benefits To Ductless Central Air That You Need

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Five Benefits To Ductless Central Air That You Need

With tiny homes becoming all the rage, home and apartment sizes are decreasing, and green living is on the rise in the USA. Switching from ducted AC to ductless central air can help with both of these concerns, as it’s highly efficient, in both senses. We at The Best Mini Split offer you the top five benefits to utilizing a ductless central air system.


Ductless Central Air Is Low-Maintenance

Ducted AC installation is a long and complicated process. Ductless air conditioning units, however, include quick installation times. Often, a day is enough if the space is relatively small. In addition to this, ductless systems require little maintenance. All you’ll need to do is keep the filters clean, the vents clear, and the area around the unit outside tidy. Scheduling annual inspections with your service provider can help to keep your system up-to-date. With proper maintenance, your ductless system will keep your home cool for as many as 20 years.


Allows For Personalization 

If you live with family members or roommates, you probably know that temperature settings with a ducted system can often lead to arguments. Because ductless systems include a unit in multiple rooms, each room can be set to its inhabitant’s preference, eliminating the source of conflict before it even starts.


Energy Efficient 

For a variety of reasons, ductless AC is more efficient with energy. These reasons include:

  • The ability to choose which rooms are being cooled at a given time. If you aren’t using a space, simply turn off the unit in that room, both lowering your bill and usage.
  • The ducts of a conventional HVAC system can begin to acquire leaks as they age. These leaks can decrease the system’s efficiency as a whole. Ductless units avoid that problem altogether.
  • Traditional air conditioners utilize compressors that switch off and on to maintain the temperature of your home, whereas ductless systems contain compressors of variable speeds. These compressors stay on as long as the ductless system is running, saving energy.


Improved Quality of Air 

A ductless system is a great option to improve your home’s quality of air, especially if anyone residing with you is an allergy or asthma sufferer. By eliminating the ducts that tend to accumulate irritants, you avoid those contaminants entering your air. As well as this, a ductless AC unit allows for better dehumidifying.


Space Saving 

Due to their compact size, ductless units can be installed in almost any room regardless of size, and they are more aesthetically pleasing than window units. Utilizing two main components, an indoor handler, and an outdoor compressor, you can opt for either a ceiling or wall handler. It is all about your preferences!


Contact Us 

As you can see, ductless central air is the best option for small spaces (less than 2,000-square-feet) and energy efficiency. The Best Mini Split is here to help you make the switch from ducted AC anywhere in the USA. Call or visit us to get started today!

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