Qwik System Flush Starter Kit QL1130

9-10 times More Effective Qwik System Flush®, is a superior formulation that is 9-10 times more effective in moisture absorption & acid removal than competitive products. QT1100 (2 lb Aerosol), QT1130 (1 lb Aerosol), or QT1150 (Complete Starter Kit with two 1 lb Aerosol Cans, Charging Hose, Can Access Valve, and QwikNozzle™. Qwik System Flush® is OEM Approved

Qwik System Flush® is used to flush contaminants such as debris, residual oil, acid, and moisture from refrigeration line sets. If you can’t replace refrigeration line sets after a burnout or R-22 to R-410A change out, then you should use Qwik System Flush® to remove residual contamination. See our application bulletin for in depth instructions on how to use Qwik System Flush®.

Qwik System Flush® Packaging Options

  • QT1100 – 2 lb Aerosol Can (Services up to a 10 ton system)
  • QT1130 – 1 lb Aerosol Can (Services up to a 5 ton system)
  • QT1150 – Complete starter kit includes:
  1. (2) 1 lb Aerosol Cans (QT1130)
  2. (1) Can Access Valve (QT1105)
  3. (1) QwikNozzle™ Line Set Flush Tool (QT1106)
  4. (1) Short Charging Hose

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2 reviews for Qwik System Flush Starter Kit QL1130

  1. 5 out of 5

    Aler W. Celiz

    It’s got lots of nice features. I find this assurance of it’s efficiency very important and most of the big box stores don’t sell them.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Evelyn Jing

    Very helpful in my situation.

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